Like your own car, the safety advances in our industry over the last 10 years have been enormous.

That’s why we buy Scania coaches for our touring fleet.


The Swedish engineering provides the most important person, your driver, with arguably the very safest vehicle in the country. If your driver is in safe, economical and comfortable vehicle, this will enhance your experience.  Almost always, we buy new coaches. Buying new means we stay at the forefront of environment requirements, we maintain very high safety standards, therefore focusing on improving our business and not fixing our coaches. Australia Wide Coaches operates one of the newest fleet of coaches available for hire in Australia.

Our other main industry partner is Irizar – one of the best selling body builders in the world.


Their coaches are loaded with many appealing features that enhance safety, comfort, spaciousness and style. Constructed to European standards in Brazil, these coaches offer a change to what we are used to in Australia.


Looks can be deceptive, plastic surgery (new paint in our case!) is common in our industry. Before you book, ask the question; how old is our coach going to be. The answer may shock you! At Australia Wide Coaches, we are horrified at the age of some of the vehicles on the roads in Australia. You are safer and more likely to arrive on time in a new vehicle than an old one. Age is probably the single most important safety factor you can control. At Australia Wide Coaches, you are always guaranteed a late model vehicle.


Our late model fleet of European coaches is maintained to an exceptional level by regular servicing in house and by our vehicle manufacturer. We utilise Scania Contracted Maintenance which provides extensive coverage throughout Australia and 24 hour Roadside Assistance for that extra peace of mind!


Australia Wide Coaches is accredited by the NSW Government – Transport for NSW.

We adhere to the requirements of the Transport Regulations and Accreditation for the safe management of drivers and vehicles and hold all the appropriate insurances required such as Public Liability and Workers Compensation.


We maintain written policy manuals for all staff to follow. These manuals contain safety policies on drugs and alcohol, driver training and monitoring programmes, fleet maintenance, fatigue and health, employment practices and more.